Indoor Apartment Vegetable Gardening

I created Indoor Vegetable Grower to help people learn about indoor apartment vegetable gardening and more specifically apartment vegetable gardening using hydroponic growing systems rather than soil.

Growing Patio Vegetables QUICK and ...
Growing Patio Vegetables QUICK and EASY!

Indoor Apartment Vegetable Gardening GroBuckets with some peppers

Many people grow a few houseplants but these are usually adapted to growing under low light conditions.

They are often kept in pots that are too small and are often either over or under-watered.

People keep them because they can thrive even on neglect.

But if you want to learn how to grow houseplants and get good results or don’t know what to grow go here.

Indoor Apartment Vegetable Gardening Is Different

Indoor vegetable gardening is very different. Most vegetables grow outdoors in full sunlight. They need to be fed and watered correctly. Don’t worry I will show you how to automate this.

You will have to provide supplemental lighting too unless you are blessed with a sunny balcony, terrace, or patio.

A Little About Me And Why I Chose Indoor Apartment Vegetable Gardening 

I have been growing fruits and vegetables most of my life and I’m no spring chicken either. I ran a truck farm for many years. Life can throw us some curves and I ended up living in an apartment without a balcony. I have a very small outdoor garden but it is limited.

I am also a medical marijuana patient who grows his own medicine. I use hydroponics to grow my crops and I have years of experience with this method of growing. I decided it was time to apply this knowledge to growing vegetables indoors too.

I am not really sure why it took so long to do this. Now with Covid, I was spending a lot more time indoors and I wanted fresh vegetables so I decided to turn my apartment into a vegetable farm. More at: About Small Farms Big Ideas (

Learn Apartment Vegetable Gardening

My goal is to show folks how to grow vegetables in an apartment. Nothing is more rewarding than growing your own food. I warn you this hobby can be addicting! You don’t need a green thumb to grow your own food. You just need the right info and you will find it here.

Growing Indoors Plants, I have also started exploring houseplants more thoroughly. Even though you can’t eat them there are plenty of benefits of keeping indoor houseplants too.

If you are interested in growing houseplants there are quite a few articles about growing houseplants indoors here.