Koi Pond Designs: 3 Interesting Pond Shapes

Koi P koi pond designs- irregular pond shapes

Many different pond shapes have been tried. Some koi pond designs work well and are low maintenance and easy to care for. Others are a real headaches. When you’re building a koi pond choose koi pond designs that create an easy to maintain koi pond.

External Pond Pumps

External Pond Pumps- sequence750

External pond pumps are much more reliable than submersible pumps and have a longer life. This is important because your pond pump needs to be able to run 24/7 without clogging or breaking down.

Choosing The Right Pond Location: 7 Helpful Tips

Choosing The Right Pond Location

Armed with a few simple tools, a bit of elbow grease, and a good solid koi pond design you can build an awesome koi pond. Building a koi pond might look complicated and complex but if you break it down into simple steps and develop a good pond design it’s really pretty easy.

Your Koi Pond And New Pond Syndrome

Your Koi Pond And New Pond Syndrome

Don’t let the fish in your koi pond fall victim to new pond syndrome. New pond syndrome can happen to anyone building a koi pond no matter how well it is designed. This is a water quality issue associated with newly built koi ponds and is often lethal.