Why Compost At Home? The Secret Of Great Gardeners

Why Compost At Home? That’s a fair question. Many have an outdated vision of what composting is like thinking it is smelly or dirty. Things have changed a great deal.

Why Compost At Home?

So composters today are more well designed to meet the needs of the ever growing home composting market. This has been fueled by backyard gardeners who want easier to use and better designed composters for their garden.

And composting is now very popular with apartment and condo dwellers who want to grow plants or vegetables indoors. Whether you want to help the environment, reduce your ecological footprint, or just want to save money composting is for you.

Perhaps you are interested in working with nature and creating a garden full of pesticide-free food. Or maybe you are the more pragmatic sort and just don’t want to pay for fertilizer anymore. Composting can solve both of those problems.

Some people avoid composting because they think it’s tricky and complicated. Others think it smells bad or just don’t think they have room for it. But with modern composting bins it is easier than ever.

Why Compost At Home?

Composting has come a long way from the open hand-turned piles of the past. No matter what your situation there is a way to begin enjoying the benefits of composting.

Modern compost bins are compact and take much less space than an unsightly pile. They are tight to eliminate odors and unwanted pests.

Many require no hand turning and can make compost faster than ever before thanks to improved aeration.

There are tumbling composters for outdoor gardeners so now you can toss your pitchfork.

Many are compact enough to use on your balcony if you live in an apartment or condo. Best Composting Ideas For Indoors (indoorvegetablegrower.com)

Why Compost At Home?

Even those with limited space such as apartment dwellers can now make hassle-free compost thanks to modern worm composting bins.

Worms eat more than kitchen garbage too. They will also turn paper and cardboard into fertilizer for you. You can have a year-round supply of worm castings and worm tea with your worm farm.

Bokashi Composting Is Great For Apartments

Now we have been introduced to Bokashi composting bins. They are popular in Japan and are very popular with apartment and condo dwellers there.

This is an anaerobic (without air) composting process that can handle things worm composting bins cant. It results in a sweet pickled compost very similar to silage fed to dairy cows.

Almost a third of our landfills are made of kitchen waste. You can save money by turning this waste into compost.

You will save on fertilizer costs and your plants will never look better. If you are being billed by the cubic foot for trash removal this can reduce the number of cans you are paying for too.

Composting is also a way to ease the pressure on the environment and our landfills. Turning something that was destined for the landfill into something usable has a great appeal to many.

Many of our landfills are getting full. Costs for providing this kind of service can only increase as it gets harder to meet environmental impacts and find suitable landfill locations.

If people just composted their kitchen waste the impact on the environment would be massive. While there is an initial outlay of money to begin composting but in the long run, it pays for itself both financially and with the satisfaction of doing your part to help the planet. Once set up composting requires little time, money, or maintenance. Here is a guide to composting at home https://www.epa.gov/recycle/composting-home

Why Compost At Home? Final Thoughts

Why compost at home? The reasons are obvious. You can help the environment, save money and have healthier better looking plants. You don’t need to be an ecologist, earth person, or part of the green movement to see the benefits of composting. All you have to do is start composting and you will be hooked.

There are many reasons to compost at home. For one, it can help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Composting also helps create a nutrient-rich soil amendment, which can be used to improve the quality of your garden soil.

Additionally, composting can help cut down on water and fertilizer usage, since the compost will help retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Finally, home composting can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.