TPS Nutrients Review And Discount [Good Value For The Money?]

I just received my TPS component series kit. I ordered it Thursday and received it Friday.

TPS Nutrients Review Unboxing
This is a TPS nutrients review of their TPS component series kit. I will be going over the individual bottles and how to use them.

TPS Nutrients Review Unboxing

I just received my TPS component series kit. I ordered it Thursday and received it Friday.

But bear in mind TPS is a Seattle-based company. I’m sure if you lived in N.Y. it would take longer.

You can order these nutrients on Amazon but if you wait and order from their website I can give you a 10% discount code you can use later on in this review.

Testing TPS Base A and B Nutrient Strength

Before I use any nutrient product line I always test the strength of their base nutrients. This helps with mixing nutrients together.

If you know what the base nutrients provide you can determine a starting point before you add any additives and avoid making a mix that is too hot.

For example, 1 ml of House And Gardens Aqua Flakes A and B together raises a gallon of water to 100. So if I want a base that is 600 ppm I will use 6 ml per gallon.

So before I use TPS Nutrients I want to know this because some nutrients vary in strength.

So I added 5 ml of their A+B base to a gallon of my tap water at 30 ppm with a pH of 7.5. We have great water in Western Washington state.

Here is what I found: Using my Hanna test meter(very accurate) I got a reading of 532-536 ppm and a pH of 5.4.

Testing TPS Base A and B Nutrient Strength
So my conclusion is the strength is comparable to my regular nutrient line. 1 ml of A +B will add 100 ppm to a gallon of water.

This is really good news to me because I read an online comment that TPS nutrients were watered down and weak.

Don’t always believe negative comments because they are often posted by competitors.

TPS Component Series Kit What’s In The Box?

Let’s go over the different nutrient bottles inside the kit.

1&2 TPS Base A & Base B

So this is your base formula. You will use this at all growth stages and always in equal amounts. It contains N P K nutrients and a lot more.

TPS Base A & Base B

The analysis of part A is: N 1.6 P 3.0 K 6.8

The analysis of part B is: N 2.5 P 4.2 K 1.8

When added together you get N 4.1  P 7.2  K 8.6 which is a healthy nutrient ratio for most flowering plants. Leafy vegetables will benefit from more added N.

It has calcium, magnesium, and other important micronutrients. There are organic acids extracted from plants to enhance nutrient uptake.

It is suitable for use in all grow styles and media.

3 Silica Gold

Silica can strengthen stems and reduce stretching and Silicon Gold can be used in the nutrient mix or applied as a foliar spray.

Silica GoldSilica Gold is a soluble silica complex with organosilicate and amino acid extracts of 5 plants.

There is a lot of hype about some very expensive silicon supplements that claim mono silicic acid to be more bioavailable than potassium silicate but research does not bear this out so don’t waste your money on them.

4 Canopy Boost

Canopy Boost is a foliar spray that contains fulvic acid and magnesium. Fulvic acid is a small molecule version of humic acid.

canopy boost

Its smaller size allows plants to use it more readily. It is a natural chelator that makes other nutrients more available.

I have used it in the past and found it to really enhance my grows to a whole other level.

Because it makes other nutrients more available you need less of them.

5 Root Boost

Root Boost

It has been said more roots equal more fruits.

Many of us focus on what we can see above ground while ignoring what goes on below ground.

While we can’t know everything that goes into Root Boost it does contain phosphorus, fulvic acid, and kelp extracts.

All of these definitely do stimulate root growth and overall plant health.

6 N-Primer


N Primer IS meant to be used used in your nutrient mix and as a foliar spray.

If you have young plants they will likely need more nitrogen than the base alone provides.

Some plants like greens do better with higher N rates and young vegetative plants require this prior to flowering.

Once again TPS combines a proprietary mix of plant extracts and other goodies to enhance performance and absorption.

According to the TPS website:

The core of N-Primer is a carbohydrate and organic acid matrix derived from 5 species of plants. This matrix stimulates microbial activity by providing carbon as a fuel source, N-Primer sustains beneficial microbial populations at the same time that it protects nitrogen supplies in the soil, resulting in healthy and stable vegetative growth.

7 Organic CalMag OAC


This is an organic CalMag. It is different than most other brands because it does not contain added calcium nitrate.

This makes it ideal for use in flowering plants when adding extra nitrogen is not desired.

If you grow under LED lights you will need to add additional CalMag.

They do also make a more standard CalMag and it is available but since it was not included in the Component Series starter kit I will cover it separately.

8 Bloom

TPS Bloom

Everyone wants bumper crops and using Bloom can get you there. 

It will promote heavier flowering and terpene production and help maximize yield for all fruiting crops.

According to TPS:

Bloom features our concentrated fermented acid complex, which enhances flower growth, size, and final yield through its ability to help plants naturally increase the size of their cells as they strive to uptake more water during the flowering phase.

9 Signal


TPS Signal

Signal is a product that is designed to increase terpene production but it does much more than that.

It is a potassium-based electrolyte solution. It is used later in the flowering process.

It increases flower density and helps flush out excess salts. It can increase colors too.

There are extracts from 17 different plants used in its formulation.

TPS Nutrients Feeding Chart

TPS has several feeding charts and they are all available on their website they are: Coco and Peat, Amended Soil, Hydro & DWC, Coco and Peat Extended, Coco & Peat Autoflower, Amended Soil Autoflower, Hydro, and DWC Autoflower.
For most of us, these two will suffice. Click for a larger view.

TPS Nutrients Discount

Here is a link for 10% off TPS Nutrients. It only works when you buy from their website and not on Amazon. They offer free shipping too!

Other TPS Products You May Like For Soil Growers

TPS Billions

Here is a completely water-soluble microbe mix that can be used to repopulate microbe levels in any grow system. It was designed not to clog emitters.

According to TPS it contains “an organic sugar substrate called Turbinado – a more complete sugar that contains molasses and aminos.”

TPS Billions What's In It

Liquid Soil

TPS says:

Liquid Soil strips older soil of contaminants and enriches it with microbes, making it healthy and ready for use and re-use, year after year.

Made of a powerful salt-binding formula that reduces heavy salt loads, Liquid Soil increases microbial populations, improving water storage capacity and nutrient mobility.

It sounds to me a lot like Drip Clean but with added microbes. I don’t know if I would use it in hydro but it could be a great product if you grow in coco or soil.

CalMag Complete

TPS CalMagThis is a standard CalMag nutrient. I think their organic CalMag is a better choice because this one has over 4% nitrogen in it.

That is fine for young plants but it is too much for fruiting and flowering in my opinion.

Normally I use CaliMagic which is only 1% nitrogen but has a bit more calcium and magnesium with added iron.

Grow Your Own Food Indoors

If you have read any of my articles you will know I always recommend using quality nutrients for the best crops. I believe TPS Nutrients fit the bill.

If you are new to growing and find multiple bottles confusing I have good news. They make a product called TPS One which is complete plant food all in one bottle.

Grow Your Own Food Indoors Start A Successful Vegetable Garden Indoors (

Affiliate Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. TPS Nutrients sponsored me and provided their nutrients without cost to me. I will be using them in my grows and will be buying them in the future. Some links in this post are affiliate links.