AeroGarden Pods DIY – Easily Make Your Own Seed Pods

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AeroGarden Pods DIY - Easily Make Your Own Seed Pods

AeroGardens are extremely popular and versatile hydroponic systems but buying AeroGarden pods is expensive and you can easily make your own seed pods.

AeroGarden Pods DIY Key Takeaways:

  • Save money and enjoy a broader variety of plants by creating your own AeroGarden pods.
  • Utilize seed starting plugs like Root Riots to easily make DIY pods.
  • This way, you’re not limited to the pre-seeded varieties, and you can also use these DIY pods for cloning cuttings from extra plants.
  • Making your own AeroGarden pods is not only cost-effective but also allows for a more personalized indoor gardening experience.

You don’t need to pay premium prices for AeroGarden seed pods. It is a marketing gimmick designed to keep selling you things.

Below is a video where I show you how to make your own AeroGarden seed pods.

AeroGarden Pods DIY

AeroGarden Pods are a great way to grow your own plants indoors. However, they can be expensive if you buy them from the store. In this blog post, we will show you how to make your own AeroGarden Pods.

DIY AeroGarden Seed Pods Advantages

Save money! Make your own AeroGarden pods cheap.

Why pay for overpriced pods when you can easily make your own seed pods cheaper and they are every bit as good.

Better Variety choices

You won’t be limited to the pre-seeded varieties offered. More choices are always better.

Easy to use blank pod when not using all slots

When you grow larger plants like peppers or tomatoes you need to leave empty slots between plants but you still need to fill them.

Use them to clone cuttings from extra plants

When you have to prune your peppers or tomatoes (you will) you can clone the cuttings instead of throwing them away.

Root Riot Vs Rapid Rooter

I have used both Rapid Rooters and Root Riots and they are very similar products. But I have had better results with Root Riots.

The Root Riots are a bit larger and I like the sponge material they are made from a bit better.

root riots foe AeroGarden pod replacement

But while either brand can work for a DIY seed pod the root riots fit better in my AeroGarden holes.

You can check out Root Riots on Amazon here

You don’t want any light to get into your reservoir because it can cause algae growth.

The root riots fit in very snug with about 1/4 inch above the AeroGarden deck with no light able to get in.

I noticed the smaller rapid rooter plugs needed to be pushed all the way down and there was still a slight gap around the edges.

If you push too hard they could possibly fall through. They may be a better choice to use for filling the baskets with less trimming needed.

But I really like the ease and simplicity of inserting a root riot in the whole without the need for the basket.

Cloning In An AeroGarden

Cloning In An AeroGardenYou can insert cuttings into the root riots and use your AeroGarden as a clone machine besides just growing crops.

I show you how to clone peppers here:

Peppers often have multiple plants in the same seed pod. Cutting the spare and using it to clone a new plant.

You can see below this works very well and this plant will be set in coco coir to continue growing. I plan to give it to a friend.

Here is an article about growing chili peppers in an AeroGarden Harvest Growing Chili Peppers In An AeroGarden Harvest (

Can you make your own seed pods for AeroGarden?

Yes, you can. Watch my video for easy instructions on using seed starting plugs to make your own.

How many seeds to put in AeroGarden pods?

Since no seeds have a 100% germination rate you will want to put multiple seeds in your pods.

I think for most crops 3 seeds would be enough. If you only plant 1 and it doesn’t sprout you would need to replant.

You would end up with a much smaller plant than the others and it may end up being shaded out by the bigger plants.

Seeds are relatively cheap and they don’t last forever so don’t be stingy about seeding.

You will need to thin out the extra plants but for peppers or other large plants, you can wait to thin them out.

When your plants are 4 or more inches tall you can cut them off and make clones from them.

Can you use other pods in AeroGarden?

They probably won’t fit in the holes. Because most manufacturers don’t want you using another company’s seed pods they all use different-sized pods.

But you can make your own seed pods using empty AeroGarden baskets or using seedling plugs like Root Riots.

What are AeroGarden seed pods made of?

AeroGarden seed pods are made from Canadian Sphagnum Peat. Both root riots and rapid rooters are made from the same material.

They are likely pH balanced and held together with a binder but none of them provide much information on the actual manufacturing process.

DIY Seed Pods FAQs:

The world of indoor gardening with AeroGardens is an exciting journey. Along the way, you might have a number of questions regarding seed pods, their alternatives, and the right way to use them.

Below are some frequently asked questions to assist you in making the most out of your AeroGarden, ensuring a lush, thriving indoor garden while keeping your gardening venture budget-friendly.

Q. Can I create my own seed pods for AeroGarden?

A. Absolutely! You can easily make your own AeroGarden seed pods using seed starting plugs like Root Riots or Rapid Rooters. This DIY approach saves money and allows more plant variety.

Q. How many seeds should I place in each AeroGarden pod?

A. It’s advisable to place multiple seeds in your pods, around 3 seeds per pod should suffice. This accounts for any seeds that may not germinate, ensuring you still have a successful sprout.

Q. Can other brand pods fit in AeroGarden?

A. Most other brand pods won’t fit due to differing sizes. However, you can make your own seed pods using empty AeroGarden baskets or seedling plugs to fit perfectly in your AeroGarden.

Q. What material are AeroGarden seed pods made from?

A. AeroGarden seed pods are primarily made from Canadian Sphagnum Peat. Similarly, Root Riots and Rapid Rooters are made from this material, making them suitable alternatives for DIY seed pods.

DIY AeroGarden Seed Pods Conclusion:

Embracing the DIY spirit in managing your AeroGarden not only slashes costs but also elevates your indoor gardening game, providing a rich, personalized experience.

Whether it’s about seeding or cloning, making your own AeroGarden pods is a simple yet impactful step towards a more self-sufficient and enjoyable indoor gardening journey.

Your garden, your rules. Explore the multitude of plant varieties and watch your indoor garden flourish, one DIY pod at a time.

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