Best Composting Ideas For Indoors

Best Composting Ideas For IndoorsLooking for the best composting ideas for indoors?  People now view composting and recycling as a way of life so it’s really no surprise there are more indoor composting ideas and products for this.

Kitchen Compost Bin, 6 Superb Benef...
Kitchen Compost Bin, 6 Superb Benefits If You Using It!

Best Composting Ideas For IndoorsLooking for the best composting ideas for indoors?  People now view composting and recycling as a way of life so it’s really no surprise there are more indoor composting ideas and products for this.

When most of us think of compost bins we think of our outdoor vegetable or flower gardens but composting has evolved and is not just for the outdoors anymore.

Indoor composting is an option even for those without a garden. A worm composting bin or bokashi bucket can help reduce the strain on our landfills and provide you with a source of rich nutrients for your houseplants or garden.

They also make it possible to compost year round even when our outdoor compost bins are shut down because of cold weather.

Why Buy Compost Bins?

Outdoors you could build an open compost pile or basic open bin yourself, assuming you have the room but these have many disadvantages. If you live in an apartment or condo this really is not an option for you. Outdoor composting can be smelly and attract flies and other insects. Definitely not something you want in your apartment.

Anyway, you’re really not missing anything. They are really slow at making compost and labor intensive. There is the chore of turning them with a garden fork which can be strenuous for some. Your neighbors may complain about the smell.

So we need composters that work indoors. They should be easy to maintain, odor proof, and not attract pests. Finally, they need to be designed to fit in smaller spaces,

You can find plans for your own worm composter or bokashi bucket for sure but they will likely not work as well as an engineered product and in some cases may not work at all.

It is often cheaper, faster, and easier, in the long run, to buy composters for your apartment or condo. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs and will outperform an open compost heap or pile or bin.

In the case of indoor composting, you will definitely want something designed to be odor free. Finally, not everyone is handy or has the time or space for a DIY project.

After the pandemic hit we are now all buying stuff online. Why risk your health standing in a checkout line? Plus you will find a much greater selection of products online than you could ever find at your local Lowes or Home Depot.

Millions of Americans have discovered online shopping provides greater selection, lower prices, save time and gas, and offers the added convenience of door to door delivery. Many of the products are available with free shipping too.

Finding The Best Composting Ideas For Indoors

 Here are some kitchen and indoor composting ideas you may want to consider.

Best Composting Ideas For Indoors Bokashi Composter

Bokashi Composters

Bokashi composting is a totally natural and revolutionary way to deal with your kitchen waste. It is an anaerobic process that uses bacteria, yeast, and other microbes to break food down without odor. They are one of the best composting ideas for indoors

Developed in Japan, the word bokashi means fermented organic matter. The finished product has a sweet pickled smell to it and the process is similar to making what farmers call silage

This is one of the best composting ideas for indoors. It is fast and unlike worm composting it can handle meat and dairy products which is a great benefit. Want more info on Bokashi? Bokashi (horticulture) – Wikipedia

Kitchen Composter Ideas

Best Composting Ideas For Indoors

Kitchen composters are made in a variety of styles and for a variety of uses. Some are simple plastic buckets designed to temporarily hold scraps until they go in a compost bin.

Others are more decorative and designed not to look like they hold kitchen scraps. Some more sophisticated kitchen composters are designed to completely process kitchen waste indoors and many have features to help them remain odor free.

kitchen composter

Kitchen composters are relatively small units. They have a tight fitting lid and are usually attractive because they are often kept on a countertop.

They are compact which makes them a good choice where space is limited. They offer the advantage of limited maintenance.

One of the best composting ideas for indoors. They are not very expensive and can add a nice accent to your kitchen counter.

Their main disadvantage is they are relatively slow unless aeration is provided.

Worm Composting Bins

worm composterOne of the best composting ideas for indoors is using vermiculture. Worm composting bins are in a class of their own. These versatile units use red worms to help speed up the composting process. They are compact and generally odor free. They can be used both inside and out and are an ideal solution for those with limited space.

Worm compost bins are a great way to get rid of kitchen scraps and paper and they offer year round composting. Those living in apartments can now make their own compost for their plants.

Worm bins require little maintenance once set up and are easy to care for. The only disadvantage they have is keeping the temperature from getting too cold or hot. They need to be kept above 40 degrees and below 80 degrees. Many users keep them in the kitchen, a garage, or a basement with great success while others move them inside and out with the seasons.

Composting Worms

Red Wiggler WormsIf you want to speed up your compost pile red worms can help.

If you want a worm composting bin you will need a starter batch of red worms. Don’t try to save money by getting worms from a bait shop.

There are many species of worms and not all make compost. You want red wigglers.  Get your worms from a worm farm that specializes in raising disease-free worms for composting.

Best Composting Ideas For Indoors FAQs

What can I compost indoors?

The process of composting happens when organic matter, such as food scraps and yard waste, breaks down into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Although it is typically associated with outdoor gardening, it is possible to compost indoors.

You can compost many things indoors, including fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more if you have a worm bin.

You can also add meat and dairy products to a bokashi composter.

Can you compost completely indoors?

Yes, it is possible to compost completely indoors. This can be done using a variety of methods, including worm bins, bokashi buckets, and more. There are even small tumbling composters that can be used in an apartment.

Indoor composting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and recycle your food scraps.

How can I compost at home without it smelling?

There are a few things you can do to prevent your compost from smelling. First, make sure you are adding a variety of materials to your compost, including both green and brown items.

Green items include things like fruit and vegetable scraps, while brown items include things like dead leaves and twigs or even paper. Adding a mix of these items will help to keep your compost from smelling.

Another way to prevent your compost from smelling is to make sure it is not too wet. If your compost is too wet, it will start to smell. To avoid this, be sure to add some brown items to your compost, such as dead leaves or twigs. These items will help to absorb excess moisture and keep your compost from smelling.

Finally, be sure to turn your compost regularly. This will help to aerate the compost and prevent it from becoming too stagnant. If your compost does start to smell, be sure to turn it more frequently until the odor goes away.

I use a worm composting bin to make compost and it is totally odorless. It doesn’t take up much space and it is pretty easy to take care of. Here is more info on my worm composting bin.

Apartment Composting? No Problem

Yes composing in an apartment is easy with the right composters. There’s really only one problem with it. What to choose. Bokashi and worm composters are great choices but a simple kitchen compost bucket can serve you well too.

The best thing about composting indoors is you are keeping things out of the landfill and as an added bonus you get some great plant food. Read Why Compost At Home for more reasons to compost.