AeroVoir AeroGarden Self Watering System ( Easy AeroGarden Watering )

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The AeroVoir is a self-watering system that can turn your AeroGarden into a self-watering planter or SIP for short. How do you keep AeroGarden watered while on vacation? 

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As I write this the light on my AeroGarden Harvest started blinking. I have only been running it for 3 weeks and the plants are still pretty small so I was surprised to see it blinking.

But the reservoir is small only at only .594 gallons. So it was not really low but it took about a quart of water and I added a half capful of nutrients. I pushed the button in and the pump started to run immediately. So all good.

How Do You Keep Your AeroGarden Watered While On Vacation?

So I am at home and I can easily refill it. What if I want to go on vacation? Based on my recent experience I am pretty sure that once the plants get bigger it will need refilling fairly often.

If you are going on vacation for any length of time you are going to need to do something to add water while you are gone.

Maybe you have kids or a neighbor that will water it for you. My experience with this kind of help is that it is often unreliable.

The best solution is to buy an AeroVoir for your AeroGarden. They are not real expensive and you can skip watering for a couple of weeks while on vacation.

Maybe you don’t go on vacation but don’t want to water every few days. The fill hole is easy to get at but not that large and an automatic watering system would be nice.

I love my AeroGarden Harvest but the reservoir is really small for plants. Water can get used up quickly with larger plants. It bears mentioning that if the reservoir runs dry your plants will die quickly. So I also view this as a kind of insurance policy.

AeroVoir AeroGarden Self Watering System
How Does The AeroVoir Work?

The AeroVoir is slim and compact so it won’t take up much space and holds 1.3 gallons of water. It actually works by gravity and the siphoning effect. It is a lot like an old-school water cooler.

If you look at the back of your AeroGarden you will notice 2 rubber plugs. One can be used to add an airstone if you wish. The other is for your AeroVoir. All you do is unscrew the cap and fill it up.

Then run the end of the tubing into the other hole in your deck making sure it goes all the way down into your reservoir. There is a hand pump in the line that you squeeze to prime the line. Once water fills the tube gravity and siphoning will do the rest.
AeroVoir AeroGarden reservoir dimensions

The AeroVoir is really simple to set up and use. One thing I really like about it is there are no moving parts. There is nothing to plug in either.

It is not that expensive either. I am sure someone could MacGyver something up instead of buying this. But honestly, it is not worth my time just to try and save thirty-something bucks. 

With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and over 700 reviews, it is obvious that I am not the only one who thinks increasing reservoir size is a good idea.

Here’s A Video I found On The AeroGarden AeroVoir

AeroVoir Final Thoughts

So the AeroGarden AeroVoir is a supplemental reservoir for your AeroGarden that can add up to two weeks of additional watering if you are going away on vacation or just don’t want to water frequently.

Also, you won’t have to constantly check the water inside your AeroGarden.
You can easily glance over and see how much water is available by checking the level in the AeroVoir.

I am finding that as my plants develop that I will have to refill them pretty often and when it gets warm they will drink even more than they do now.

Watering Your AeroGarden Never Was Easier

AeroGarden AeroVoir Garden Watering System, Clear

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