AeroGarden Harvest Unboxing – It Was Surprising

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Here is my AeroGarden Harvest Unboxing video.  I found it to be a very well-designed hydroponic unit with a few surprises.

Now I have a new toy to play with. I didn’t expect it for another 4 days. But it arrived early on Christmas Eve so thanks Santa.

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First Thoughts On The AeroGarden Harvest

The Aerogarden was very well packed. It does arrive in the original box which is not a problem unless you want to surprise someone or let the porch pirates know what they’re stealing.

This Aerogarden is all plastic but the components are high quality and not made from cheap flimsy plastic. The AeroGarden Harvest was definitely built to last.

AeroGarden Pods

It came with 6 pods of gourmet herbs which included Thyme, Curly Parsley, Dill, Basil Genovese, Thai Basil, and Mint. The seeds were tested for germination in October so they should be fairly fresh.

The pods are pre-seeded and ready to go into your Aerogarden. They have a label that tells you what is in the pod and also how long those seeds take to sprout which is kind of nice to know.

The sponges appear to be made from the same material as rapid rooters or root riots. I believe they are made from tree bark but I’m not sure.  If you don’t want to always be ordering pods from AeroGarden this may be an alternative. I believe they would fit the inserts although they are a bit shorter they can easily be trimmed.

Personally, I prefer buying my own seeds. Their seeds had germination rates of 50-80% but I can buy seeds with higher germination rates and also have a greater variety selection.

Although they included mint they did not specify what type. So it could be peppermint, spearmint or?

Inside AeroGarden Harvest

Here is a picture showing the pump running. It is absolutely silent.  I did not think it created that much mist but pictures don’t lie.

Inside AeroGarden Harvest
There is a small pump on the bottom of the reservoir and an easy to see marker for the fill level.

Aerogarden Harvest Unboxing Surprise

After plugging this unit in I thought I was looking at a very simple recirculating hydroponic unit. But then I put the top on it and got the surprise of my life.

The top is actually hollow and has a tube that goes into the spout on the pump. Water actually flows through the lid and exits each hole in a little spout. Very cool because this waters the pods directly but also creates a small waterfall that increases oxygenation.

Roots need water to survive but they also need oxygen and if plants don’t have it all kinds of nasty things can grow in your reservoir and kill your plants. The picture does not capture the flow out of the spouts as well as I had hoped but trust me it’s there.
Aerogarden Harvest Unboxing Lid Surprise

Built In Timers Make Growing Easy

The pump does not run continuously but is on a timer. It will run for 5 minutes every 25 minutes. The lights are set to run for 15 hours from whenever you turn the unit on but it is easy to readjust start up time.

If the water level gets too low the water indicator light will flash red.

There is a light that lets you know when you need to add more fertilizer.

The Aerogarden Harvest will make it easy for you to grow even if you don’t have a green thumb!

LED Lights And Energy Usage

The Harvest uses a 20 watt LED. It is a white LED with a few red and blue LEDs. Thankfully it’s not a blurple LED. I see other units being sold with a lot of red in the spectrum. This promotes stretching which is exactly what you don’t want in a small unit like an AeroGarden.

The light is very bright and just the right spectrum for most plants you will grow. It won’t cost much to run either. The entire unit including pump and lights only uses 23 watts which is less than most light bulbs.

So Now The Pods Are In

All 6 pods are in the Aerogarden now. I also added fertilizer. Directions on the bottle are simple to follow. They are based on the number of holes your unit has. So the harvest has 6 sites and gets 2 capfuls of nutrient solution. The reservoir is easy to fill and right upfront. I did drop my cap in though and it was not that easy to fish out without lifting the whole lid but eventually, I got it.

AeroGarden Harvest Unboxing

So now the AeroGarden Harvest Unboxing is done. The Harvest is set up and ready to go. I hope to have something growing to show you soon.

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AeroGarden Harvest Unboxing An Update

I have had my AeroGarden Harvest for about a year and a half now. It is still going strong and has worked flawlessly.