Silent Air Pump For AeroGarden Or Small Aquarium [ Simple And Effective ]

Are you looking for a silent air pump for your AeroGarden? I was and I found one that is silent and it’s cheap too!

Are you looking for a silent air pump for your AeroGarden? I was and I found one that is silent and it’s cheap too!

I am running an AeroGarden Harvest but because I wanted to test it right out of the box I decided not to add it. Instead, I decided to put it in one of my aquariums.

Silent Air Pump For AeroGarden Or Small Aquarium

My fish really seemed to like it and almost immediately became more active and started to check it out.

I recently wrote an article AeroGarden Airstones Should You Add Airstones To Your AeroGarden? and I mentioned a Tetra Whisper air pump I bought years ago.

Like all air pumps of the day, it was noisy, not as bad as some others but not anything close to a whisper. I found its one pitch buzz was so annoying and did not use it again.

Here is a quick video of the UPETTOOLS Air Pump

But things can change as new technologies come along and the UPETTOOLS Aquarium Air Pump is truly silent. Even 2 feet away I can not hear it. It makes a very slight buzz and it is so low you can’t hear it unless you put your ear right next to it.

Silent Air Pump For AeroGarden Or Small Aquarium

Silent Air Pump For AeroGarden Or Small Aquarium

The UPETTOOLS Aquarium Air Pump comes with tubing and an airstone. It also has a clip that snaps on so you can hang it on something.

However, I found it was not wide enough to hang on the rim of my aquarium. So I just set it alongside my 30 inch tall tank and there was plenty of tubing to do this and set it close to the bottom. It’s only 2.4 inches around so it is easy to find a place to put it.

As I said it is whisper quiet at less than 35 dB so if you use it in your bedroom you won’t have any trouble sleeping.

It only uses one watt of power and it puts out 450 ml / min of air. It looked like a fair amount of bubbles when I tested it in a container but nothing crazy.

But I was surprised by the amount of bubbles in my fish tank. I think because it was deeper they had more room to travel to the surface.

According to the manufacturer: “In contrast to conventional air pumps, our mini silent air pump is driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate that has no motor or other noise mechanisms.”


A Great Silent Air Pump For Your Aerogarden

I realize I am using it in an aquarium right now but don’t let that throw you. It will work just fine in your AeroGarden too.

I will be adding airstones to my AeroGarden but since I am testing it right now I need to see how it works without them. Otherwise, I won’t be able to tell the difference when I do add them.

I have no doubt that it will enhance growth. So you should add airstones to your AeroGarden because you will see better results.

All you need to do is remove one of the black rubber plugs on the deck of your AeroGarden Harvest and insert one end of the tubing. Lift up the lid and grab the tubing and stick the airstone on the end. 

The UPETTOOLS  Silent Aquarium Air Pump Is Easy To Set Up

This silent air pump is a snap to set up. Just connect the airline to the pump body and insert the airstone into the opposite end of the tube. That’s it. Plug it in and make some bubbles.

The only thing I don’t like about this air pump is the cord length. It is pretty short. This might not be a problem for many of you. But my AeroGarden is not right next to an outlet.

Still for the price you really cant complain much. It is inexpensive, silent, and makes bubbles. What more could you ask for?

Silent Air Pump