How Long For An AeroGarden To Sprout – Don’t Worry

How Long For An AeroGarden To Sprout

So you just got your AeroGarden and set it up with the seed pods included. Now you want to know how long for an AeroGarden to sprout.

How Long For An AeroGarden To Sprout

The answer is it really depends on a number of factors, including the type of seed you are using.

The temperature and humidity of your grow area, and the amount of light your plants are receiving can also affect germination rates.

With that said, most seeds will germinate within 7-10 days when using an AeroGarden.

However, some harder-to-sprout varieties, such as parsley, may take a bit longer.

By day 5 my thyme, dill, Genovese basil, Thai basil, and mint had all sprouted. Everything is up on day 14 even the parsley. AeroGarden Harvest Review Weeks 1-7 (

If you find that your seeds are taking more than two weeks to germinate, it is possible that they were not viable to begin with.

Additionally, temperature and humidity can also impact the germination rate of your seeds.

Too much heat or too little moisture can prevent seeds from sprouting.

If you are having trouble getting your seeds to germinate, it is best to look at these factors.

However, if you are using an AeroGarden the light is controlled so you can rule out light as a factor for slow germination.

Once the pods are set in your AeroGarden they will begin to wick up water so lack of moisture can also be ruled out.

Two Reasons Your Seeds Might Not Germinate

The first reason they may not germinate is that they are not viable. Seeds do not last forever and while some can be good after 5 years some can only be good for a year.

This should be rare with AeroGarden seed pods but it can happen.

The main reason your seeds are not germinating probably has something to do with the environment your AeroGarden is being kept in.

If it is too hot or cold seeds may fail to germinate so make sure to check the temperature of the room.

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How Long Does It Take For An AeroGarden To Sprout Final Thoughts

The AeroGarden is a trouble-free way for growing vegetables and herbs with hydroponics.

It is rare for seeds not to germinate so be patient. Most seeds germinate in 7-10 days but some like parsley may take longer.

Usually, the problem is related to cool room temperature. But it is possible the seeds in the pods are older than they should be.

If you buy them from Amazon there is enough turnover they should not sit on the shelf too long. Other merchants may keep them longer.

But bad seeds can happen. I had one variety of chili peppers that did not germinate even though the other 2 varieties were fine.

The best advice if you are worried about how long it takes for an AeroGarden to sprout is to check the seeds are not too hot or cold and be patient.

Good luck with your AeroGarden I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have. Happy Gardening!