How To Grow Scallions Indoors [Very Easy To Grow]

Learn how to grow scallions indoors. They are easy to grow too. If you want to call them green onions that’s ok because they are the same thing.

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Learn how to grow scallions indoors. They are easy to grow too. If you want to call them green onions that’s ok because they are the same thing.

They are sometimes also called bunching onions. They are also very easy to grow indoors in containers.

How To Grow Scallions Indoors

Scallions Vs Green Onions

The terms scallion and green onion are often used interchangeably. As far as using them in a recipe they are interchangeable.

But there are some differences. Scallions don’t develop a bulb, instead, they grow a long white shank with a green top.

But often young onion plants are bunched and sold as green onions. The only real difference is they will have a small round bulb on the end.

If you want to grow scallions the best bet is to buy scallion seeds or plants.

You also can grow scallions from plants in your produce section and we will talk more about this later.

How To Grow Scallions Indoors

Scallions are very easy to grow indoors in containers and there are several ways to grow them.

Scallions grow quickly and can be harvested in 60 to 80 days. Scallions(Allium fistulosum) are different from onions (Allium cepa).

Also, scallions are generally eaten raw although they can be cooked too.

Sometimes Allium cepa is sold as spring onions or green onions when young. Confused yet?

One easy way to be sure you grow scallions is from seed. Another method uses the rooting part of a scallion to grow a new plant.

Growing Green Onions From Seed In Containers

I am going to be growing scallions from seed. That way I can be sure I am actually growing scallions.

I will be using Burpee Evergreen Long White Bunching Onions which are actually scallions despite the bunching onion name.

There are many other varieties of green onions and many other seed companies I prefer Burpee.

I have used Burpee Seeds for many years with great results. So if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Growing Scallions Indoors

I will be raising my scallions in 2-gallon grow bags filled with coco coir. I prefer coco coir to potting mixes.

Coco coir is a sustainable resource. It weighs half what soil weighs. It provides better aeration and moisture-holding properties too.

Use soil if you wish but once you learn how to use coco coir you will find it will outperform soil mixes every time. Growing Vegetables In Coco Coir [ Increase Your Results! ] (

I try to sow my seeds about an inch apart but sometimes they end up closer. I bury them about 1/4 inch deep.

Often I just scatter them on the surface and then sprinkle loose coco coir over the seeds to cover them up.

I think it is better to sow more than you need rather than end up with too few plants because you can always thin out thick sowings. 

If you don’t have enough plants you can resow but that will produce plants several weeks behind and they may get crowded out by the larger plants.

You will probably want to thin your plants about 2 inches apart. The tops will grow between 1 and 3 feet tall depending on the variety.

It is best to harvest scallions before they flower. For a continuous harvest sow more scallions every few weeks.

You can harvest smaller scallions at any time. They will still have a great flavor even when they are smaller.

This is another advantage to seeding a bit heavy because you can harvest the thinnings for eating in salads or other dishes.

You can grow scallions from starter plants. They should be available at most garden centers or you can order them online.

Don’t confuse them with onion sets which will grow regular onions and not scallions.

Using starts costs more than using seeds but if you are new to gardening the results are surer and harvests will come sooner too.

Scallions Are Up

My scallions are up. Yay! I seeded them really heavy so thinning will definitely be needed.

These scallions are in a 2-gallon fabric pot filled with coco coir.

I sprinkled the seeds on top of the coco and then sprinkled about 1/4 inch of loose coco on top of them.

How To Grow Scallions Indoors

I like to grow vegetables indoors with coco coir rather than using potting soil.

It weighs much less and you can downsize your pots when using coco coir. It also works better. 

I will be updating as these plants grow so stick around for more information on how to grow scallions indoors.