Growing Garlic Indoors In Pots

Do you want to grow your own garlic but don’t have an outdoor garden? Good news! You can start growing garlic indoors in pots.

Do you want to grow your own garlic but don’t have an outdoor garden? Good news! You can start growing garlic indoors in pots.

Growing Garlic Indoors In Pots

Garlic is an easy to grow crop for indoors. It doesn’t take up a lot of space making it ideal for growing in containers.

You can grow garlic on a sunny windowsill and it even makes pretty flowers.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Garlic Indoors?

If you want to grow your own garlic indoors you should know you will be in it for the long haul.

It takes 8-9 months to grow a full garlic bulb from a clove. If you don’t want to wait that long there is a workaround of sorts.

Growing Garlic Indoors In Water

You can grow garlic indoors in water. You can use this method to harvest garlic greens and use them much like chives.

But eventually, the bulb will be depleted so the only way to grow a full garlic bulb is to grow it in soil.

As you can see in the video he set his garlic on top of water bottles but you can use anything like a teacup to set your garlic in.

You just need to keep the water level barely touching the bottom of the bulb otherwise it could start to rot.

Start Growing Garlic Indoors In Pots Today

You don’t need much to get started growing garlic. You will need: 

  • A pot of any size but a wider pot will allow you to plant more garlic.
  • Potting mix I recommend using coco coir instead.
  • Garlic bulbs you can use garlic bulbs from the supermarket or you can buy different varieties online.

Choosing Your Garlic Bulbs

There are dozens of different garlic varieties to choose from. Garlic is classified into softneck and hardneck varieties. 

If you get garlic from the supermarket it will most likely be softneck garlic.

Softneck garlic grows leaves while hardneck garlic develops a thick central stem. 

Hardneck varieties are best for colder climates and most garlic is planted in fall to overwinter.

But since we are growing garlic indoors this is not a deciding factor for us. Here is a good article about softneck vs hardneck garlic.

Garlic Cloves Vs Garlic Sets

Most people grow their garlic from cloves. If you are lucky you might spot some garlic cloves that started sprouting at the supermarket.

Usually, they remove them from the shelf. There is another option and that is buying garlic sets.

I am going to grow German Red Garlic from garlic sets. These are cloves that have sprouted and grown some tops and roots.

I was lucky enough to find a seller on eBay offering them and I think they will take at least a month off my growing time.

Growing German Red Garlic From Garlic Sets

My German red garlic arrived today and here is a video where I show planting it in self-watering planters filled with coco coir.

Once they start growing I will give you updates here.
Planting German Red Garlic In Self Watering Planters (