Planting German Red Garlic In Self Watering Planters

Planting German Red Garlic In Self Watering Planters

Planting German Red Garlic In Self Watering Planters

Today I will be planting German red garlic in self-watering planters. I am using coco coir as a growing medium.

I have been waiting for my garlic sets to arrive. Seems like a long time but actually it was only about a week.

I like to use coco coir as my growing medium. It works much better than potting soil.

Also, coco coir has great wicking properties so it’s a great choice for self-watering planters.

I bought a set of 6 of these for my orchids but my orchids have been moved into a terrarium I built and they are loving it in there.

So I plan to plant half my garlic indoors and the other half will go into my Gro Buckets. They have tomato plants in them right now.

How Long Does German Red Garlic Take?

Spring planted garlic takes about 90 days to mature.

Outdoors some people like to plant in the fall and it can overwinter and will be ready in about 240 days.

Since we are growing our garlic indoors there is really no spring or fall.

We can plant garlic whenever we like and wait for the tops to start to yellow before harvesting.

Buy It Once Grow It Forever

Each garlic bulb will yield 6-10 cloves. So we can save some cloves for our next crop from each harvest.

So we will never need to buy garlic sets again unless we want to try another garlic variety.

There are 11 basic garlic varieties but there are many cultivars of each being sold.

There are 11 different horticultural groups of garlic. Three of them are classified under softneck: Silverskin, Artichoke, and Middle Eastern. Hardneck varieties of garlic are divided into eight groups: Porcelain, Rocambole, Purple Stripe, Glazed Purple Stripe, Marble Purple Stripe, Asiatic, Turban, and Creole.

About German Red Garlic

German red garlic is a hardneck variety. It produces flower scapes that are considered an edible vegetable.

It is considered a large porcelain type of garlic. Hardneck garlic is considered more winter hardy than soft neck varieties.

However, it does not keep as well as soft neck varieties. Most white garlic in supermarkets is softneck garlic.

Elephant Garlic Is On The Way

I have some elephant garlic on the way and I want to save some of the pots for it to grow them indoors. 

Anything that won’t fit will also go outdoors. We have a pretty mild winter climate so overwintering them is no problem.

The grower sent pretty nice garlic sets. They look healthy and I can see green inside the tops so they should do fine.

They said to cut the tops back but I only removed about half of what was there.

They looked so healthy I didn’t want to cut them back to the bulb.

Planting German Red Garlic Video

So here is a video showing my German red garlic unboxing and potting them up. 

More updates to come as they grow. More info on growing garlic indoors here: Growing Garlic Indoors In Pots (

Self Watering Planters For Indoor Vegetables

Self-watering planters work great for vegetables. The term is a bit misleading because they don’t actually water themselves.

They are also called SIPS or sub-irrigated planters which more accurately describes what they do. They water from the bottom up instead of from the top down.

They are filled with a growing medium like coco coir which has good wicking abilities. Capillary action draws water up to the plant’s roots.

Usually, they include a wick to transfer water from a reservoir to the soil. This is a simple passive hydroponic system.

If you want pots like I used in the video you can find them on Amazon here.