How To Grow Jewel Orchids – Jewel Orchid Care Tips

If you struggled with growing orchids in the past try Jewel orchids. They are terrestrial orchids and not as finicky as their cousins.

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If you struggled with growing orchids in the past try Jewel orchids. They are terrestrial orchids and not as finicky as their cousins.

You can learn how to grow jewel orchids successfully with our jewel orchid care tips.

About Jewel Orchids

Jewel orchids are in the genus Anoectochilus with about 50 different species.

The Jewel orchid, or Ludisia discolor, is one of the popular species of this orchid genus.

They are terrestrial orchids that grow on the forest floor and are not epiphytic orchids. They grow in rainforests, from South East Asia to East Asia.

Anoectochilus Roxburghii 'Golden Heart', Jewel OrchidThey have thick roots called rhizomes that grow above the soil and produce small flowers on upright stems.

Terrestrial orchids are much less demanding than their epiphytic relatives and can be grown in soil rather than special orchid mixes.

How To Grow Jewel Orchids

These beautiful orchids are grown for their leaves and not for their flowers and are much easier to grow because they can be grown in a potting mix.

I grow my terrestrial orchids in coco coir whit no amendments but you can use a potting mix with added perlite to improve drainage.

Still, they are orchids so they prefer warmer temperatures, high humidity, and bright indirect light. Don’t worry you can do this!

Growing Jewel Orchids In A Nutshell

Macodes Petola (Jewel Orchid), Dense Lighting Bolt Patten Jewel orchid humidity, water, and light requirements are not as high as other orchids so they make the perfect plant for beginning orchid growers.

Follow these tips below and you will be growing healthy Jewel Orchids in no time.

Quick Tips For Growing Jewel Orchids

The first step is to choose the right potting mix. Jewel Orchids need a well-draining potting mix that is rich in organic matter.

You can use a commercial potting mix or mix your own with peat and perlite. Coco coir is another excellent grow medium that works well.

The next step is to choose the right pot. Jewel Orchids need a pot that has drainage holes in the bottom and is only slightly larger than the root ball of the plant.

Clay pots are ideal because they help to keep the roots cool and dry but plastic pots will work just as well.

Now that you have the potting mix and pot, it is time to water your Jewel Orchid.

Water your orchid once a week, making sure to keep the leaves dry.

Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again.

Over-watering is one of the main reasons that Orchids die so make sure you do not water your plant more than necessary.

You can also leave your orchid in a pebble tray with some water in it and bottom water your orchid.

Provide enough humidity. Orchids prefer high humidity. If your house is dry you can set your plant on a tray of water filled with pebbles.

The next step is to provide the right amount of light.

Jewel Orchids need bright, indirect sunlight.

If you cannot provide this type of light, you can grow your orchid under fluorescent lights.

Place the lights about 12 inches above the plant and leave them on for 12-16 hours a day.

Now that you know how to water, pot, and provide the right amount of light, it is time to fertilize your Jewel Orchid.

Fertilize your orchid once a month using a half-strength fertilizer made for orchids.

Do not fertilize your orchid more than necessary as too much fertilizer can damage the roots.

Now that you know how to grow Jewel Orchids, it is time to enjoy your beautiful plants!

Jewel Orchid Care Tips

Here is some more detailed information on caring for jewel orchids including how to propagate them.

Jewel Orchid Humidity

Jewel orchids are used to warm moist conditions in their natural environment. The closer we come to meeting these conditions the happier they will be.

Ideally, a humidity level of 50-60% is best. They can tolerate lower humidity levels but they will do better if they are misted when household humidity is lower.

Placing them on a pebble tray can also help raise the humidity around your plant.

Watering Jewel Orchids

Orchids prefer slightly acidic water. Most tap water is very alkaline and may contain other chemicals like chlorine that orchids don’t like.

You can use rainwater if it’s available or distilled water or you can put a filter on your tap.

Jewel Orchid Lighting

Like all orchids, the jewel orchid prefers bright indirect light. Direct sunlight should be avoided.

An east window is ideal because the plants can get a bit of morning sun but it will be much weaker than the afternoon sun.

If you place them in a south or west window make sure there are curtains to help filter the light.

You can place jewel orchids under grow lights to meet their lighting requirements if you don’t have a good spot for them by a window.

Jewel Orchid Soil

The jewel orchid is a terrestrial orchid. It does not need a special orchid mix.

You can use regular potting soil with about 30 percent added perlite to help with drainage.

I prefer using coco coir because even without added perlite it drains very fast yet still holds moisture very well.

Watering Jewel Orchids

There are two ways to water your jewel orchid and different people have different preferences.

Some people prefer to water from the top. But bottom watering also works very well. I prefer bottom watering because it keeps excess water off the leaves.

self watering plantersTo bottom water, you would add water to a pebble tray and the plant will wick water up by capillary action.

Self-watering planters also work very well. This is a pot with a wick that sits in a larger pot that holds water.

Fertilizing Jewel Orchids

You should fertilize your plants so they get the nutrition they need. They are not heavy feeders so once or twice a month with a 50% diluted orchid nutrient should be plenty.

Don’t overfertilize. With fertilizer, less is more. You don’t want to burn your roots.

If you use self-watering planters your orchids are always being fed so reduce nutrients by 2/3 and monitor your plants.

Look for signs of salt buildup in your pots. If you see this flush your pots out with plain water.

Jewel Orchid Problems

Jewel orchids are beautiful, exotic plants that make a stunning addition to any home.

One of the most common jewel orchid problems is root rot. This can occur if the plant is overwatered, resulting in waterlogged roots.

Another problem that jewel orchids can experience is yellowing or browning leaves.

This can be caused by too much sun, underwatering, or malnutrition.

If you notice your jewel orchid starting to yellow, try moving it to a shadier spot and increasing the frequency of watering.

How To Propagate Jewel Orchids

Propagating jewel orchids is a fun and easy way to create new plants. Jewel orchids are best propagated in the spring or summer when they are actively growing.

To propagate jewel orchids, simply take a stem cutting that includes at least two leaves.

Place the cutting in a sterile potting mix, and then water it well. Keep the cutting in a warm, humid location out of direct sunlight, and mist it daily to maintain high humidity levels.

Within a few weeks, roots should begin to form, and new growth will appear.

Once the plant is established, you can begin to reduce watering and misting. With a little care, you can soon have a beautiful jewel orchid of your own.

Jewel Orchid Propagation In Water

Jewel orchids are one of the easiest orchids to propagate. All you need is a healthy jewel orchid and a container of water.

Fill the container with water, and then place the jewel orchid in the water. The jewel orchid will start to produce new roots within a few weeks.

Once the roots are 1-2 inches long, you can transplant the jewel orchid into a potting mix.

Be sure to keep the jewel orchid moist, but not too wet, during this process. With a little patience, you can easily propagate jewel orchids in water.

How To Grow Jewel Orchids - Jewel Orchid Care Tips

How To Grow Jewel Orchids Final Thoughts

As you can see, growing jewel orchids is not difficult. By following the tips in this article you will be able to grow healthy and beautiful plants.

Jewel Orchids are a great addition to any home and with proper care, they will thrive for many years. Thanks for reading and good luck!