Worm Factory 360 Adding Worms 30 Day Update [ Happy Worms! ]

I purchased a Worm Factory 360 in early January 2022. I want to share an update of my indoor worm composting bin.

I purchased a Worm Factory 360 in early January 2022. I want to share an update of my indoor worm composting bin.

Worm Factory 360 New Worms 30 Day Update

My first batch of worms did not do well and about half of them arrived dead. I think some of them might have suffocated.

I contacted Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm and they immediately sent me a replacement.

The first batch came in a sealed box. But the second box came with air holes punched into it. All worms were alive, happy and healthy.

Now a month has passed since I added the second batch of red wiggler worms, and it is time for an update.

Worms Were Escaping From My Worm Factory 360

The first couple of weeks I had my Worm Factory 360 I was finding worms on the floor.

I think the worms need some time to adapt to their new environment. I heard leaving a light on helps with this.

I had lights on most of the time, but the worm bin was in the dark for about 6 hours during the night. I think that was when they were escaping.

I would pick them up and if they had not dried out, I would add them back to the worm bin.

There were not a lot of worms escaping. There was less than a dozen each day. They never got more than a few inches away from the Worm Factory 360 itself.

Adding Another Tray To My Worm Factory 360

But I wanted the worms to stay in my worm composting bin bin and not on my floor. I decided to add a second tray because the bottom tray was getting pretty full.

So, I put a bit of coco on the bottom and a bit of food and set the second tray right on top of the lower tray.

What do you think happened? The worms stopped escaping. I think the red wriggler worms just needed more space.

Because I already had some worms in the compost bin before I added another thousand worms they may have been overcrowded. 

If Your Worms Are Escaping Try This:

Red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida)  are a specialized type of worm. They live in upper layers feeding on decaying organic matter.

But these worms do not like light. They actually breathe through their skin, and they can quickly dry out and die in sunlight.

You can use this to your advantage by keeping a light on above your worm bin 24 hours a day.

You might only need to do this for the first few weeks while your worms settle in.

Remember these worms were stuffed in a box and shipped cross country. They are probably spooked from the trip and need time to readjust to their new environment.

In my case the worms were getting out when my lights were off. Also, because they need air you can’t keep them in an airtight container.

That means they can escape if they want to. But if a light is left on, they won’t want to.

Will Worm Composting Bins Smell My House Up?

I have never smelled any odors coming from my Worm Factory 360.  Worms really don’t smell but the food you add might have an odor.

The lid and close fit of the tray helps prevent this. I have not detected any odors coming from my worm bin.

Even if you are using a different worm composter than mine you should not have any problems with smell.

Worm Factory 360 FAQs

How many worms are in a worm Factory 360?

The worm factory 360 is a bin that is used to compost food scraps. The bin is filled with red worms that eat the food scraps and turn them into compost.

One of the benefits of using a worm factory 360 is that it produces very little odor. The worms consume the food scraps quickly, so there is less of a chance for them to rot and produce methane gas.

The typical worm factory 360 bin holds about 1000 worms. This may seem like a lot, but the worms can consume up to their own body weight in food scraps every day.

As a result, a worm factory 360 can process a large amount of organic waste quickly and efficiently.

How does the worm Factory 360 work?

The Worm Factory 360 is a composter that uses worms to break down food waste. The unit is composed of several trays, each with a mesh bottom that allows for drainage and lets the worms travel through it.

As food scraps are added to the top tray, worms migrate up from the lower trays in search of food. The worms consume the food and excrete castings, which are rich in nutrients.

How do you harvest worm Factory 360?

When the top tray is full you add another on top of it with food and bedding. The worms will move up into the new tray leaving the lower tray full of worm castings.

The castings in the lower trays can now be used as fertilizer and most of the worms will have moved into the new tray. So you will rotate trays when using it.

The Worm Factory 360 is an efficient way to reduce kitchen waste while creating a valuable resource for gardens and potted plants.

Does the worm factory come with worms?

No it does not come with worms so you will need to buy them separately. Buy at least 500 but 1000 would get things off to a faster start.

You can get red wiggler worms here. Please don’t try using earth worms, they won’t do well. The red wigglers are a specialized species that thrive in a worm farm.

Worm Factory 360 Final Thoughts

I am very happy with my Worm Factory 360. It is well made and well designed and should last indefinitely.

Here is a link with more information on my worm composting bin: Indoor Worm Composting Bin Worm Factory 360 (indoorvegetablegrower.com)

If you want to keep composting worms in your apartment the Worm Factory is a great composting bin for you.

You can turn your wastepaper and food scraps into worm castings to feed your plants.

Here is a link to the Worm Factory 360 on Amazon

If you have kids, they love worm bins, and you will too. It is a very educational project for them. Your kids and your plants will thank you.