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Do AeroGardens Use A Lot Of Electricity? [No It’s Easy And Cheap Too]

Do AeroGardens Use A Lot Of Electricity?
Do AeroGardens use a lot of electricity? This is a question that many people have asked, and the answer is not always clear. In this blog post, we will explore whether or not AeroGardens are energy-efficient and how much power they use. 

AeroGardens are a type of hydroponic garden that uses LED lights to grow plants. They are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to use and require little maintenance. Many people choose AeroGardens because they do not need to worry about watering or fertilizing the plants, and they can be used indoors or outdoors.

LED lights are energy efficient and produce more light per watt of electricity than any other type of lighting.

AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit - Hydroponic Indoor Garden, Black

Do AeroGardens Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The AeroGarden does use electricity but is very energy efficient costing just pennies a day to use. The amount of electricity an AeroGarden uses depends on what model of AeroGarden you have. We will look at how much it costs to run the different AeroGardens. 

The main electrical use is for the LED light and different models have different sized lights. The lights work on a timer and run for 14 hours daily.

The pump also runs on electricity but it only runs 5 minutes out of every hour. It is small and uses very little power.

How Much Energy Does The AeroGarden Use?

If you are wondering how much electricity an AeroGarden uses the answer is not that much. Even the AeroGarden Farm with 2 lights only uses 126 watts.

I have the AeroGarden Harvest and it only uses 23 watts. That’s less than most light bulbs. My costs are only $1.33 a month and it will easily produce more than enough to pay for itself.

Here is the cost to run the different AeroGardens at 11¢ per kilowatt hour.

How Much Energy Does The AeroGarden Use?

AeroGarden Model Wattage Used (Average) Cost to Run Per Month at 11¢ Per kw/hour
AeroGarden Farm 126 watts $7.30 per month
AeroGarden Bounty 48 watts $2.78 per month
AeroGarden Harvest 23 watts $1.33 per month
AeroGarden Sprout 13 watts $0.75 per month


Do AeroGardens Use A Lot Of Electricity? Final Thoughts

Don’t worry about how much electricity your AeroGarden uses. Leaving a light on in your home uses more power in most cases.

If you are thinking about buying an AeroGarden but have been holding off because you thought it might be expensive to run it isn’t expensive at all.

Consider what fresh produce costs at the supermarket and its easy to see an AeroGarden will pay for itself.